IPP 320 Pinpad

The IPP 320 meets the latest hardware and software security requirements. It accepts EMV chip and PIN, magnetic stripe, and NFC/contactless payment. It also supports NFC loyalty, couponing, wallets, and QR codes. The IPP 320 is designed to meet the needs of quick-moving retail environments. It is very compact and requires minimum counter space. It has a large 15-key backlit keypad and LCD display and function keys, allowing comfortable and convenient interactions. It is PCI compliant and can come with an additional or factory mounted privacy shield.

PAX S300 Pinpad

The PAX S300 offers high levels of transactional security along with contactless e-Signature, magnetic stripe, and Chip & PIN. The S300 protects and encrypts all transaction information. It features a large color touch screen and loudpseaker. It also comes with a 32-bit ARM11 processor and massive amount of memory. It also supports HD images and video.

Pinpad Mounting Stand

Secure your payment device with a pinpad mounting stand.