A proven and reliable product, Vigore has been tailored to satisfy Restaurant, Retail, Grocery, Winery, Parking Garages, Nail/Massage Spa, and many other businesses alike. From small family owned businesses to large corporations, Vigore is optimized to work for you with its unmatched features. Vigore includes a retail module with features such such as barcode scanning and printing, inventory tracking, pricing by weight, and more. For quick service, you can take orders using Vigore's quick service module. Vigore also supports table service, delivery and phone orders, and more.

Aura Analytics

Manage your company remotely with in-depth valuable real time data on your PC or internet connected smart phone or tablets. It includes everything from monitoring your sales, pulling up past sales, managing employee's hours, and much more. All the data you see is generated in real-time and you can also choose to view data from other stores you have registered. To view and export reports, choose the desired store you wish to pull the report from, select the date range, then select the type of report you want to view.

Kitchen Display System

Gone are the days of the mechanical bump bars and bulky CRT. We offer you innovative screens to instantly communicate to the kitchen. You can show each item or multiple items on single or multiple screens. Once the food is ready, an alert is sent to the front POS cashier to pick up. If the food is not paid for, then cashier has to pay to release it. It is easy to use and makes the entire process more efficient.

Ambient Self-Ordering Kiosk

Increase restaurant sales, improve efficiency and guest experience, and reduce wait times by allowing customers to pay directly at a self-ordering kiosk with an integrated card reader. You can install the software on Android Tablets, iPads, or Windows 10 Tablets. On the ordering page, customers can view menu items by clicking on the various categories and tap on an item to add it to the cart. If an item has any forced modifiers, a dialogue will pop out asking for customers to choose modifiers. Users can pay directly on the kiosk with our EMV ready solution with receipt printing.

Ambient Online Ordering

Use a mobile device or a desktop to allow customers to search for your business and place an order online. They can create and save a profile for easy access and sign-in. After a customer logs in as a registered user or guest, they are given a list of stores nearby based on location. The user can view and choose the store they wish to be redirected to. On the ordering page, customers view menu items by clicking on the various categories listed at the top. They can pay online or in-store with an option to save their credit card on the most secured payment gateway integration.

Ambient Waitlist and Reservation

Waitlist and Reservation is an essential tool for restaurants to effectively manage customer seating organization as well as manage a waitlist to add customers as they arrive. It allows employees to effortlessly add people to the waitlist if the tables become full. Your front desk host or hostess can effectively track the availability of tables with ETA time. You can track the customers by matching their cell phone numbers and names to the relevant tables. For reservations, Customers can make prior reservations online or in-store. They will receive a confirmation before the date or time of the reservation in order to re-confirm.

Ambient Tableside

Tableside Ordering is a fast and efficient way for waiters and waitresses to order from tablets stationed at each table. It provides them the tools to quickly maneuver around menu items as well as make changes to the order placed. They can create orders with iPads, Android Tablets, or Windows 10 Tablets. The menu items and modifiers will be shown on the iPad/Tablet as the customer makes their order. The orders will get sent to the Vigore POS and the table will be ready to process.

Personalized App

Fully integrate and manage your online ordering, branding, customer loyalty, and content with a personalized phone app from AST. Creating stronger branding by having your logo on a personalized app! With a surge in the use of mobile apps and the use of app alerts, your business will always be in the loop. Use your app to create customer loyalty! Allow your clients to create an account on the app for easy ordering and access. Their account will be saved. Customers can pay for their order directly on the app with the securest payment gateway possible. Designed to be efficient and easy to use, your app will be available for both iOS and Android!

Digital Menu Board

We can create a personalized digital menu board for your business. Increase sales by maximizing upsell opportunity and display your daily specials. Improve the ambiance with visuals that can be controlled remotely. You can set up multiple menus with different requirements and schedule them to change where and when you wish. As you move from breakfast to lunch, your digital menu boards will automatically change, making it easier for you.